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    1. An English occupational surname​ for a hunter (for game, birds etc).
      1. (rare) A male given name transferred from the surname.
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          • Herons hunt by stealth, and the bittern may be the stealthiest of the lot.
          • The San Juan market is Mexico City's most famous deli of exotic meats, where an adventurous shopper can hunt down hard-to-find critters such as ostrich, wild boar and crocodile.
        2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
          • And you asked Charles Briggs for the name of the man who bought the secret, and he gives you a legend. A man who might not even exist. You know what, this is a snipe hunt.
          • But, somewhat against the run of play, Craddock fired the visitors ahead, volleying a low effort beyond Simon Mignolet after Sunderland twice failed to clear attempted crosses from Stephen Hunt.
          • For me, it isn't so much about the actual hunting as much as the woodsmanship and skills that come into play at every stage of a hunt.
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