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  • A girl is a female human from birth through childhood and adolescence to attainment of adulthood when she becomes a woman. The term girl may also be used to mean a young woman, and is often used as a synonym for daughter.
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    1. (astronomy) a Chinese constellation located near Aquarius, one of the 28 lunar mansions and part of the Black Turtle.
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      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
        • Here the little girl eats a "vege-burger" and her sister drinks pomegranate juice, one of favorites at snack bar
        • But I have to say that I am NOT the prettiest, smartest and charmest girl you'll meet.
        • It's so hard to be a technicolor girl in an earth-tone world.
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        • As he swallowed the soup his heart warmed to this fool of a girl.
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