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  • Browne is a variant of the English surname Brown (surname), meaning "brown-haired" or "brown-skinned". It may sometimes be derived from French le Brun with similar meaning. The Mac A Brehons clan of Co.
  • Adam Browne, Australian writer
  • Andrew Browne, several people
  • Sir Anthony Browne (died 1548), Standard Bearer of England
  • Anthony Browne (author) (born 1946), author of children's books
  • Anthony Browne (UK politics), journalist
  • Anucha Browne Sanders, American basketball player
  • Aurora Browne, Canadian actress and comedian

    Definition of Browne in English Dictionary

  • Proper noun
    1. A surname​, a spelling variant of Brown.
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        • Eugenius discovered sitting loaden with many Irons, a Lampe burning by him; then enter Clowne with a piece of browne bread and a Carret roote.
      2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • We now know 't is very well empeopled. — Sir T. Browne.
        • I hardly believe he hath from elder times unknown the verticity of the loadstone. — Sir T. Browne.
        • The smoke of sulphur [ …] is commonly used by women to whiten tiffanies. — Sir Thomas Browne.
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