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EN[ɔːˈɡʌstən] [ɔːˈɡʌstn̩] [ɔˈɡʌstən]
  • Augustan is an adjective which means pertaining to Augustus or Augusta. It can refer to:
  • Augustan Age (disambiguation)
  • Augustan literature (ancient Rome)
  • Augustan prose
  • Augustan poetry
  • Augustan Reprint Society
  • Augustan literature
  • Augustan History
  • Augustan drama
  • Augustan Society
  • A current or former resident of Augusta, Georgia
  • See also
  • Legio I Augusta or First Augustan Legion
  • Legio II Augusta or Second Augustan Legion
  • Legio III Augusta or Third Augustan Legion
  • Gemma Augustea or Augustan jewel
  • Arch of Augustus (disambiguation) or Augustan Arch
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