Aug meaning

  • Aug or AUG may refer to:
  • An abbreviation of August, the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar
  • Augusta State Airport in Augusta, Maine (IATA Code: AUG)
  • Steyr AUG, an Austrian series of firearms
  • Start codon, the three-nucleotide sequence that starts translation of mRNA, and codes for the amino acid Methionine
  • Aztlan Underground, an activist rock en Español and hip hop group
  • Applicative Universal Grammar, a linguistic theory
  • an augmented chord
  • AUG is an abbreviation for the digital gold currency unit "grams of gold, payable in e-gold" (AU being the chemical symbol for gold, G representing grams)

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        • I would vote against a net.auto.bmw. Problems/comments regarding all makes are of interest, to me anyway. - net.auto.bmw, Aug 19 1983, 9:49 am, Joe Pfeiffer
        • In all, 200,000 fun packs will be distributed at the three shows this year – the National Education Show, NDP Preview and on the day of the parade, Aug 9.
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