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Spelling bee

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What is Spelling bee? A spelling bee is a game or competition in which participants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying level of difficulty. How to Win Spelling bee? To win the game,… Read More »Spelling bee

Lend to or Borrow from

Borrow vs. Lend vs. Use

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We can easily learn when should we use lend or borrow from the position of subjects. Assuming that I need something owned by someone else. Borrow To receive (something) from someone temporarily, expecting to return it. borrow means that I… Read More »Borrow vs. Lend vs. Use

in order to

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Sentences Start with “in order to” In order to avoid race conditions, this operation has to be atomic. In order to change the bearing, you must first remove the gearbox assembly. In order to do this, the gene to knock… Read More »in order to

fall flat

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Example Sentences The politician’s speech fell flat. I mistimed my leap and fell flat on my face. He fell flat on his face and everyone just creased up!

most likely

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Sentences Contains “most likely” At mid-pregnancy, feline CLs require extraovarian luteotropic signals which most likely come from the placenta. Subsequently this infers that Australovenator and megaraptorids alike possessed a unique manus function most likely associated with predation. Thus the observed… Read More »most likely