Word of the day
  1. Noun
    • A shield-bearer or armor-bearer who attended a knight.
    • A title of dignity next in degree below knight, and above gentleman. See esquire.
    • A male attendant on a great personage.
    • A devoted attendant or follower of a lady; a beau.
    • A title of office and courtesy. See under esquire.
    • (Britain, colloquial) Term of address to an equal.
    • (obsolete) A ruler; a carpenter's square; a measure.
  2. Verb
    • To attend as a squire.
    • To attend as a beau, or gallant, for aid and protection.
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Sentence of the day
  • Smirting - a cross between smoking and flirting - is already a huge hit in Dublin where the ban has been in place for two years